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What are the advantages of folding and shaping curtains

With the continuous development of technology, there are more and more types of curtains, and many of them are now high-temperature shaped on the market. Many people are not very familiar with this type of curtain. Today, I would like to share with you the advantages of curtain pleating design.

1、 The advantages of drape shaping for curtains

1. The so-called drape shaping, also known as the hanging process, is a high-temperature and high-pressure shaping process that can maintain the shaping effect and avoid wrinkles.

After high-temperature shaping, it not only increases the sagging sensation but also plays a role in sterilization and disinfection, so buying this type of product is more environmentally friendly.

3. The drapes of the curtains have already been folded and shaped, which is still atmospheric. Overall, the fabric is relatively good and combined with good sewing technology, so the decorative effect is very good. After high-temperature treatment, it can increase aesthetics and extend service life.

2、 The difference in shaping curtain folds

The difference is divided into three points: drape, stability, and appearance. The sag sensitivity is very good, and it is less prone to wrinkling compared to unshaped regular curtains. At the same time, it has stronger stability than amorphous and does not deform due to direct sunlight. From the appearance, the pattern and texture are clear, while those that have not been shaped are more casual.


01 Vertical sensitivity

In terms of appearance, if we put the two together, we can actually see the difference at a glance because the high-temperature setting curtains have a very good drape feeling. The folds are smooth and straight, the lines are neat, and the visual comfort is high. Moreover, as the usage time increases, we find that it still maintains its original bought back appearance, without too many wrinkles, as if it is new. Unshaped, wrinkled after use for a period of time, with significantly distorted lines and increased sagging.

02 Stability

Generally, what we buy is used to block out sunlight and expose to ultraviolet radiation for a long time. So there will be significant differences in their stability. Under the influence of UV rays, the curtains will not fade or become brittle or yellow after being folded and shaped, and will not fade or deform after washing. However, those that are not shaped at high temperatures will fade, become brittle, thin, or yellow after direct exposure to sunlight or cleaning.

03 Appearance

The former has more exquisite and beautiful colors, patterns, texture, and workmanship. At the same time, there are also many styles, which are relatively flat and without wrinkles. In terms of appearance, the shapeless ones appear more casual.

Curtain pleats can be said to be a combination of aesthetics, environmental protection, and high quality. At present, this type of fashion product is becoming more and more popular among families and will also be the mainstream fashion product in the soft clothing market.