Starvery Eola J-Pride Window trim Wall flooring      
About Eola

Eola is a finished curtain brand under starvery Curtains
Drawing on simple fashion design and comfortable practicality
Focus on function and quality, the pursuit of life taste
Diversity of colors and rich products
Convenient for customers to purchase and use
Create creative and comfortable living space for customers to bring proposals

EOLA parameter characteristics

Simple styling
Not too much decoration and embellishment
Fresh and natural, simple and elegant
For those of us who live in cities
Simplicity of Japanese curtains
It can make people feel quiet and gentle

Ruffled like an organ Full and crisp
An earthy draping feeling
Set the house in motion
Casual, comfortable, back to basics

A curtain is a door Keep the sun out
Really low profile Calm and quiet
Live a gentle, simple, treasure life
Stable company, warm as the beginning of soft

Passing through the world of myriad
To sit down by a dim light
The lights of the side table lamps
Tint the curtains softly Silence is the best match with it

Elegant and graceful
Bright and graceful
It's like searching for the soul here.
A quiet corner
Enjoy every little beauty in life

Open window extension book
Sit quietly to remove dust
The boom is gone
Feel safe
Light up life with color
Make the days into poems with details