Starvery Eola J-Pride Window trim Wall flooring      
About Starvery

UNIVERS (SHANGHAI)DECORATIVE FABRIC CO.,LTD.It is a wholly owned subsidiary invested by UNIVERS CO.,LTD, which has a history of nearly half a century in the Japanese home furnishing industry. It owns the light luxury brand J-Pride, the high-end custom brand starvery, the new generation of fashion brand Eola and senior decorative materials.
Our curtain window decoration products draw flowers and plants, human life, natural art as inspiration, the pursuit of the ultimate perfection of the craft, we uphold the concept of innovation and classic, to bring taste and pleasure to your life and residence, the interpretation of exquisite and beautiful artistic conception.

✤ Fold shape
Japanese style has a low-key and rigorous beauty, so Starvery for the curtains of the fold for the processing, so that the treatment of the curtains, with regular and natural folds, and the folds can be maintained for more than 10 years, and after washing The same can maintain the folds.

✤ Shade curtains
STARVERY shade fabric is unique in that it is not through the increase in the fabric after coating or another layer of shading cloth to achieve, but will be able to block a ray of black thread woven into the fabric, so that the fabric feel like ordinary fabric , Drape good, in the family bedroom and the hotel can be used.

Lv. first-order Second level three-level
Shading rate (JISL 1055A method) More than 99.99% Less than 99.99% ~ more than 99.80% Less than 99.80% to more than 99.40%
illumination 0-10 Lux 10-200 lux 200-600 lux
Illuminance state Human facial expressions are unrecognizable Some facial expressions can be seen Can recognize faces, can work in the dark

✤ Shade screens
Shade lace can effectively block the indoor image, not only to protect the privacy of the occupants, also as much as possible to ensure that the indoor lighting effect. [Mirror yarn] is a kind of blind lace, you can achieve the effect of one-way perspective, with this curtain made of curtains, in the room can be easier to see the outdoor scene, but from the outside but because of reflection and see no to the interior scene.

✤ Anti-UV
To weaving together wire and yarn, not only to meet the protection of privacy needs, also to reflect the sun's ultraviolet rays, to achieve the effect of inhibiting UV.

✤ Insulation performance
Insulation curtains by adding special environmental protection coating on the back side of the fabric can not only shield the light, but also have an effective way to block the outdoor heat source, reduce the temperature rise, It is more energy efficient than the average gauze.

✤ Flame retardant properties
Curtain fire protection requirements do not mean noncombustible, but that with flame retardant properties. To meet the fire will not be a large area of burning. Engineering procurement category will have this requirement.

✤ Sound insulation performance
Compared with the general fabric, the sound curtain has the effect of blocking the noise. In addition, the fabric material for special processing, can make the fabric has a higher sound absorption effect.

✤ Antifouling performance
Curtains can be processed through the fabric, making it difficult to immerse the stains into the fabric; can simply remove the stains by washing. In addition, through the photo catalyst antibacterial processing, the use of sunlight and fluorescent lamps to play antibacterial, deodorant, anti-fouling effect, the decomposition of harmful substances into water and carbon dioxide.

✤ Anti-PM2.5
[PM CAPTURE] window screens, which are woven with three layers of yarn to change the linear passage of dust into the room, can block PM0.1 particles by 50%. In addition to this physical adsorption, the chemical liquid infiltrated in the yarn can quickly decompose the adsorbed particles to avoid secondary pollution caused by dust floating again.