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How to choose flame retardant curtains

Flame retardant curtains are one of the key points in home decoration and soft decoration. Their main function is not only to isolate themselves from the outside world, maintain the privacy of the room, but also to assist in decoration. The curtains that match the decoration style will add a lot of color to the entire home. Especially in recent years, flame retardant curtains have gained more integration in practicality and decoration. Nowadays, curtains can not only reduce the brightness of light, but also meet people's needs for different light intensities in their homes. In addition, there are more choices in color and texture.

How do I buy flame retardant curtains at home?

For purchasing flame retardant curtains, it is actually a headache. I always feel that there are too many factors to consider, and there is a feeling of being unable to start. If we consider from the following three directions, it will be much simpler.

First, choose the curtain style and color scheme based on the home decoration style.

The color and style of flame retardant curtains should be consistent with this decoration style. For example, if the decoration is European or American, the style and color scheme of the curtains should be similar to this style. If the decoration style of the home belongs to modern or Nordic style, it would be more suitable to match the curtains with solid colors or cool tones. Furthermore, the furniture has been purchased and various soft furnishings have been placed. It is important to consider the matching of curtains with these, such as the color of home furnishings that can also be unified.

Secondly, select the functionality of flame retardant curtains based on their location.


For the selection of flame retardant curtain functions, we need to look at its hanging position, which is simply the living room, bedroom, bathroom or other positions.

Let's talk about the living room first. The living room is not only a reflection of the entire home style, but also undertakes the functions of receiving guests and entertainment. In terms of functionality, the main function of flame retardant curtains in the living room is generally to regulate indoor lighting, with relatively low requirements for shading. After all, if the curtains in the living room are too light blocking, the room can easily appear too dark. So the curtains in the living room are generally made of light and thin materials. On the one hand, they can make the indoor light brighter, visually expand the space, and on the other hand, they can also play a decorative role in the overall style of the living room.

This is a private space to rest in the bedroom. The choice of flame retardant curtains is double-layer curtains, with one layer of gauze curtain ensuring privacy, and the other layer of fabric curtain can consider fabric curtains made of suede material. Its shading, heat insulation, and sound insulation effects are better. Bedrooms facing south should pay more attention to shading and insulation, while bedroom curtains facing north are relatively casual. If the house is close to the roadside, you can also choose thick fabric curtains to further improve the sound insulation and noise reduction effect.

The thicker the flame retardant curtains, the better the shading?

Some people may think that curtains with good shading effect need to choose thick and dark flame retardant curtains. However, this type of curtain is often difficult to coordinate with the modern and fashionable bedroom style pursued by young homeowners. In addition, dismantling and cleaning heavy curtains is a painful project.

Flame retardant curtains not only have strong shading properties and good business capabilities, but also have a variety of colors to choose from. They have a lightweight texture and their own anti mold and anti fouling properties, making them easy to clean and suitable for various indoor design solutions, providing customers with good shading solutions.