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China Light Textile City: Home textile fabric transactions fluctuate and rise, with partial increase in curtain and window screen sales

Recently, the traditional market of China Light Textile City has seen a surge in transactions of polyester filament home textile fabrics, with partial increases in spot transactions of decorative fabrics, and partial increases in spot sales of curtain fabrics and window screens. The prices of creative fabrics have stabilized, and some have started to rise slightly.

In recent years, the output of curtain grey fabric in the home textile market of Light Textile City has increased slightly, with prices mostly being basically stable, and some varieties experiencing price increases. Recently, there have been multiple types of thick curtain fabrics that are matched with light jacquard and yarn-dyed varieties, light jacquard printed varieties, cationic jacquard or jacquard printed varieties. Small batch and multiple varieties of color and pattern are mainly sold in a decentralized manner, with some small and medium-sized business stores mainly selling small batch and multiple pattern transactions. Some business stores continue to rely on large volume transactions due to old customers' credit batches.

Recently, the polyester curtain fabric in the home textile market of Light Textile City has seen an increase in corresponding customers compared to the previous period, and the spot market volume has increased compared to the previous period. Most varieties are currently sold. The spot transactions of mid range, high-end, and low-end products in curtain fabrics are constantly increasing, with both sales volume and batch size. The mid-range matching varieties of curtain fabrics are mostly popular among merchants from various regions, with sales ranging from 1 kilometer to over 5 kilometers. Some high-end matching varieties continue to have small batches of transactions, and domestic sales have increased locally. The demand for curtain fabric foreign trade in batches continues to be small, and the transaction volume is still relatively limited, with an overall increase in foreign trade business volume. The overall sales of light textile city market curtain fabrics have fluctuated and increased, with prices mostly maintaining. Some fabrics have started to increase by 0.20-0.50 yuan/meter. The market trend of curtain fabric is fluctuating and upward, with overall market sales increasing compared to the previous period.

In the recent market, new types of thick jacquard curtain fabrics in the jacquard category have driven transactions in various types of thick jacquard curtain fabrics. Some new styles of medium thick full width 280CM jacquard curtain fabrics, positioning jacquard curtain fabrics, whole printed curtain fabrics, positioning printed curtain fabrics, and other varieties that can be delivered on time have seen an increase in transaction volume compared to the previous period. The overall market transaction volume of various curtain fabrics has shown a growth trend compared to the previous period, and the transaction volume of creative pattern fabrics has partially increased.

In the rcent market, the spot market volume of polyester filament and polyester window screens has increased, and the transaction prices have remained mostly stable, with some varieties slightly rising. The traditional market window screens include jacquard window screens, embroidered window screens, and printed window screens. The variety of hanging samples continues to increase, but the spot market is relatively limited. Most varieties are mainly traded in intermittent small batches, and the spot transaction price is basically stable. Some varieties have slightly increased, and the order transaction price is mainly stable, while some order varieties have stable transaction prices. The overall market trading volume of unconventional window screens has slightly increased compared to the previous period, but sales are still insufficient. The window screen is most popular among its counterparts with conventional varieties, such as nylon polyester 30D × 30D snow yarn, nylon polyester 30D × 20D/35 shuttle double splicing strip, nylon polyester 30D × 25D/35 shuttle glass yarn, polyester 30D × 30D/35 woven polyester and nylon 30D × Several dyeing and bleaching varieties, such as 20D/37 woven root yarn and 32 woven polyester three root combination, have remained relatively smooth in some transactions. Some large-scale operating stores use window screens processed by jacquard, printing, and embroidery, with some transactions slightly increasing. Some front and back factory style fabric companies and large-scale operating stores use new and old styles