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Home textile marketing continues to expand, and transactions for curtains and window screens continue to rise

Recently, the spot market volume of China Textile City's home textile market has been continuously increasing, and the variety of transactions has been expanding, with sales significantly increasing compared to the beginning of the market. In home decoration fabrics, curtain fabrics, window screens, sand release fabrics, cushion fabrics, and other varieties are sold in a dispersed manner, with curtain fabrics ranking among the top in daily trading volume. The new and marketable curtain fabrics are mainly sold in multiple batches.

The price of curtain fabrics is mainly stable. Due to limited output and limited inventory, there are many products listed on the market with high sales competition. The price of creative color patterned fabrics has slightly increased in some areas, and most transaction prices have shown a basically stable trend compared to the previous period.

In recent days, the market volume of curtain fabrics in the traditional market of Light Textile City has increased, and transaction batches are constantly emerging, with continuous increase in transaction volume. The transaction of jacquard curtain fabric and printed curtain fabric shows smooth progress. New and old varieties are mostly sold in small batches and multiple varieties according to different prices, and some fabrics with novel patterns are frequently sold in small batches and multiple batches by the same customer. Due to the continuous launch of sales in secondary markets across the country, many batches of new patterned fabrics in the traditional markets of jacquard curtain fabrics and printed curtain fabrics in the Light Textile City have started to be sold in large quantities. Some large-scale business stores have actively sent orders, and the overall market trend of decorative home fabrics mainly made of polyester filament is quite optimistic. The sales of curtain fabrics and window screens have started well, highlighting the advantages of creative patterned fabrics, There is still an increase in the added value of the registered pattern for version protection.

(Source: China Textile Economic Information Network)