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The year-end work summary meeting of the China Textile Industry Federation was held in Beijing

On January 22-23, the year-end work summary meeting of the China Textile Industry Federation was held in Beijing. Sun Ruizhe, President of the China Textile Industry Federation, delivered a concluding speech, summarizing the development status of China's textile industry in 2017 and the external environment such as domestic and international macroeconomics and policies that will soon be faced in 2018. He also provided an explanation and overview of the key work deployment of the China Textile Industry Federation (hereinafter referred to as the "China Textile Federation") in 2018.

Sun Ruizhe stated that the development of China's textile industry in 2017 can be summarized as "stable progress, leading in quality and efficiency, and structural optimization". The progress in development is evident to all. Focusing on the new positioning of "technology, fashion, and green" industries, the public service work of China Textile Union in various industries has not only opened up territories to address the "blind spots" that have appeared in previous work, but also focused on the "difficulties" of industry service work, Presenting a good development situation with abundant "highlights". He pointed out that China's textile industry is shifting from a stage of rapid growth to a stage of high-quality development. High quality development "is the development that meets the growing needs of the people for a better life; It reflects the development of new development concepts; Innovation has become the primary driving force, coordination has become an endogenous characteristic, green has become a universal form, openness has become the necessary path, and sharing has become the fundamental goal of development. It emphasizes quality first and efficiency first.


In 2017, the multi-dimensional industry public service platform of China Textile Union was constructed, and the professional oriented industry public service awareness was strengthened. Focusing on the market demand oriented mechanism, the inherent technological content of the industry public service platform was improved. The service methods and models are accelerating the transformation from the low end of the service value chain to the high end of the value chain, truly achieving "diversified tentacles" and "professional priority", Effectively leveraging the functions of nine major professional public service platforms, including industry research and research platforms, data mining and publishing platforms, policy recommendations and think tanks platforms, industry collaboration and alliance platforms, standard establishment and standardization platforms, industry improvement and multi-dimensional platforms, demand integration and cross-border platforms, talent construction and public welfare platforms, and content construction and public opinion platforms, gradually forming a professional support relationship with the government for national strategies; The relationship between the innovation matrix that forms competitiveness reconstruction with enterprises; The relationship between the platform and the platform for the transformation and development of industrial clusters; The relationship with research institutes to form an industry hub for industry, university, and research collaboration.

Looking ahead to the work ideas of China Textile Federation in 2018, Sun Ruizhe said that the federation is currently in a critical period of shaping a leading industry public service brand, and "platform attributes+professional core" should be the foundation of the federation. Therefore, in 2018, the China Textile Industry Federation should strive to highlight its expertise and deepen its services to the outside world, build a platform, and create a brand; Highlight professionalism internally, collaborate and collaborate, manage flat, and improve efficiency.