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Exploring Business Opportunities in the Southeast Asian Market, China Home Textile Exhibition Group Appears at the Jakarta Home Decoration Exhibition

On October 8, 2017, the four-day Jakarta Home and Interior Decoration Expo in Indonesia successfully concluded. Guangdong Home Textile Association and Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co., Ltd. organized and mobilized association members and member units to participate in the exhibition, and made their first appearance in Jakarta as an exhibition group, showcasing the charm of Chinese home soft decoration brands.


The proposal of China's "the Belt and Road" strategic concept has brought new opportunities for China's home textile and soft decoration industries to expand overseas markets. As the first B2B furniture and design exhibition in Indonesia, the Jakarta Home and Interior Decoration Exhibition can be said to be an important experience for industry companies to explore the Southeast Asian market.


Group together to go abroad

Paving the way and bridging the way for China Home Textile Connect to Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the founding countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the largest economy in Southeast Asia, and a member of the G20. With a population of over 200 million, Indonesia holds vast market potential. The developed tourism industry in Indonesia has driven the continuous development of its hotel service industry. Currently, the Indonesian home and interior decoration market is still in an immature stage, which provides potential opportunities for Chinese home textile and fabric enterprises to enter Indonesia. This event is not only a trip to explore the Indonesian market, but also an investigation tour to explore business opportunities in the Southeast Asian home textile market.

Yuanzhicheng, Dongyu, Da Vision, Zhida, Molik, Huajunxing, Tenai, Jinhua, New Hualong, Times Sunshine, Style 2000, New Dahong, Lulu, Oubolai, Olet, Laohui Silk, Juncai, Qianbaiyi, Wanjiang Yalan, Jiacheng, Hengli, Midensi, Kamai, Yibo, Feitong, Heyi, Wanbo, Xinyalun, Bole, Yutang, Mofei, Shenyang Century Star... More than 30 companies from Guangdong, Zhejiang, China Home textile and home soft decoration enterprises from Shenyang and other places have formed a strong alliance and joined forces to participate in the exhibition.


On the first day of the exhibition, representatives of China Home Textile Exhibition Group enterprises were invited to attend the opening ceremony. Mr. Deng Yuanjin, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Home Textile Association and Chairman of Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co., Ltd., cut ribbons on behalf of the Home Textile Exhibition Group at the opening ceremony. Subsequently, representatives of the enterprise visited the exhibition with relevant leaders and guests from the organizer.

In the China Home Textile Exhibition Area, the products displayed by the enterprise received praise from guests, and many products with innovative patents were highly praised by guests. The appearance of the China Home Textile Exhibition Group has also attracted the attention of local professional buyers and interior designers, who are earnestly consulting and negotiating on site.

In order to promote communication and interaction between home textile and home decoration enterprises in China and India, and to welcome the first appearance of the Chinese home textile exhibition group, the "Jakarta Home and Interior Decoration Exhibition Home Textile Exhibition Group Friendship Welcome Dinner Party" was grandly held at the Sudan Hotel that evening. In addition to the Chinese Home Textile Exhibition Group, there were also local Indonesian elites in interior design, textiles, furniture, architecture, and other industries attending the party.


Mr. Douglas, Chairman of Tassus Group, delivered a speech at the party on behalf of the exhibition organizer. He first welcomed the guests attending the party and stated that the party not only celebrates the smooth opening of the Jakarta exhibition in Indonesia, but also congratulates the home textile exhibition group on crossing the country and entering Indonesia.


Mr. Deng Yuanjin, Executive Vice President of Guangdong Home Textile Association and Chairman of Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co., Ltd., also delivered a speech as a representative of China. He expressed his honor to come to the exhibition with 34 well-known Chinese home textile and interior decoration enterprises, We come with products and sincerity, hoping to build a bridge of friendship between the Chinese home textile decoration industry and the Indonesian home textile decoration industry, and look forward to achieving fruitful cooperation results in the future.


Follow the enterprise to observe the market

Enable Chinese home textile enterprises to better understand Indonesian home textiles

During this period, a series of discussions and exchanges with Indonesian home furnishings and soft furnishings industry associations, factory visits, market inspections, and other activities have also enabled enterprises to have a more genuine understanding of the home textile and fabric market in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia. These days, business representatives are working together to:


Entering a Japanese Indian Joint Venture Factory and Experiencing Advanced Management Culture

In Bandung, Indonesia, representatives of the home textile exhibition group visited the local finished curtain production factory of Youni Beile Company. Under the guidance and explanation of the head of its Japanese headquarters, the company representative gained a deep understanding of the company's production process and procedures for finished curtains. The standardized, clean, and efficient production site has impressed the representatives of enterprises.

Listen to Indonesian investment and local market development guidance

Knowing oneself, knowing the enemy, and being invincible in a hundred battles is the foundation for enterprises to explore the local market by understanding the local market situation, consumer demand, and customs clearance channels. Mr. Pan Zhichuan, Chairman of the Indonesian Investment and Development Advisor Association, provides clarification on how enterprises can connect with the local market.


Braving the scorching sun to inspect the local home textile market

For this exhibition and inspection tour in Indonesia, many directors and member companies expressed that this is an opportunity to showcase the image of China's home textile fabric brand to the outside world, and it also allows them to have a clearer understanding of the development status and market gap of Indonesia's home textile fabric market. Through on-site inspections, we have gained a clearer understanding of the current commercial rules for the trade and circulation of home textile products between China and Indonesia, which also provides a direction for their exploration of how to effectively connect with the Indonesian home textile market in the next step.