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UNIVERS Wuxi Factory 2023 Curry Conference (3rd)

March 17, 2023, is a special day, a day that all UNIVERS employees have been looking forward to for a long time.

Today is the 2023 Curry Conference of UNIVERS Wuxi Factory.


Early in the morning, our hardworking little bees (employees) arrived at the company to receive goods (ingredients). The curry and ingredients of the curry club were personally purchased by the general manager, ensuring food safety. Soon, the friends entered a working state, and a group arranged tables and chairs, drinks, and vegetable salads; A group has already fried pork chops, potato pancakes, shrimp, and so on in a frenzy; There is also a group of swordsmen with excellent swordsmanship, who start and end with neat and beautiful pork chops and potato pancakes arranged in rows. The key point came, and the three person group's big stirring rod slowly stirred the three large cylinders. Without approaching, one could smell the curry aroma rushing towards them, making one unable to suppress their saliva. Three large barrels were made with three different flavors to better meet the needs of our employees. The last person to appear is our side dish team, who is affectionate and meticulous.


Every employee is enthusiastic and full of happiness, eating their own handmade curry feast...