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Youni Beile under Beautiful Cherry Blossoms



It is another annual day when cherry blossoms bloom. A few days ago, the temperature was very high, and the cherry blossoms in the factory were blooming first, which was extremely beautiful. The sudden cold air dropped to the temperature before and after the Spring Festival, which was very cold. The beautiful cherry blossoms are still blooming.

Today is a cloudy day, so I casually took a few photos to admire with my relatives. At this moment, I couldn't help but think of the current epidemic, just like today's cherry blossoms. Although covered in dark clouds, it is still beautiful and bright.

Under the dark cloud of fighting against the COVID-19, this year's cherry blossoms of Ueni Beile bloomed as scheduled, more colorful and beautiful. Along with the roar of spring plowing horns and machines on the land of China, it showcases vibrant vitality and hope.