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Tiktok premiere of Youni Beile Factory


On December 10, 2021, at 12:00 p.m., the first live broadcast of Tiktok in Youni Beile Factory officially began. Welcome babies to come and observe. This live broadcast will last for 3 hours.

Let's follow the anchor and visit the production base of Starvery curtains together. Firstly, the anchor will take us from the factory gate to the fabric storage room to begin the production journey of curtains.

Every aspect of the curtain is personally introduced to the babies by the highest person in charge of this department (who is also the most knowledgeable and proficient in this aspect), and interactive Q&A.

Understand the production process of curtains. Below is our beautiful anchor's detailed introduction to the functions and features of Starvery curtains. And interactive sessions with the babies. Even favorite friends can place orders directly in the yellow car in the lower right corner.

Dear friends, please pay more attention to the support anchors and support Starvery Ao. Starvery will bring you unexpected surprises.