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UNIVERS Group debuted at the 4th China Import Expo with its brand products!

The 4th China International Import Expo was held from November 5th to 10th at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. (hereinafter referred to as the "CIIE") It is reported that 58 countries and 3 international organizations participated in the national exhibition, and 15 countries made their debut at the national exhibition, of which 5 countries participated in the CIIE for the first time; Nearly 3000 exhibitors from 127 countries and regions appeared at the Enterprise Exhibition, with more countries and companies than the previous one.


At that time, six exhibition areas will be set up at the National Convention and Exhibition Center, including food and agricultural products, automobiles, technical equipment, consumer goods, medical equipment and healthcare, and service trade.

According to the "China Development Report 2020: Population Aging in China as a Development Trend and Policy" released by the China Development Foundation. From now to the middle of this century is a period of rapid development of China's population aging, and active, scientific, and effective measures are crucial for population aging.


By around 2022, China's population aged 65 and above will account for 14% of the total population, transitioning from an aging society to an aging society. China has entered an aging society, and as one of the most globally influential exhibitions, the CIIE has become a major destination for many global high-tech products. This time, UNIVERS Group will also showcase its technological products at the CIIE.

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