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The 2021 UNIVERS Spring Fire Drill Successfully Ends

The company held its first full staff fire emergency drill of the year on May 25, 2021. This drill was led by the Human Resources and General Affairs Department of the Management Department, combined with the actual situation of the company and with the joint assistance of various departments, the fire drill was carried out in a tense and orderly manner according to the predetermined plan, achieving a complete success.


This drill activity was carefully arranged and highly valued by all employees. Each person took their respective positions, fulfilled their duties, and was conscientious and responsible, ensuring that the drill was flawless. Through fire drills, the awareness of prevention and the ability of emergency evacuation and self rescue of all employees have been further strengthened. Tested the emergency response capabilities of various emergency teams for sudden accidents, improved employees' awareness of fire safety and their ability to escape and self rescue from fires. The specific implementation status of this fire drill is summarized as follows:

1、 Preliminary preparation status

1. The company leaders attach great importance to this work and have held meetings with department managers to comprehensively deploy fire drills. And divided into evacuation group, logistics support group, communication and liaison group and other members.

2. The Personnel and General Affairs Department of the Management Department organizes relevant personnel to discuss and deploy in accordance with the "Fire Evacuation Emergency Plan" to ensure the smooth progress of the drill.


2、 Evacuation drill process

This drill officially sounded the fire alarm on May 25th at 15:30 without prior warning. At the first moment, members of the evacuation team conducted emergency evacuation guidance work, the communication team simulated calling the "119" alarm, and the logistics team counted and confirmed the personnel. All employees quickly and orderly evacuated from the safety exits around the factory, and in just one and a half minutes, they gathered at the designated location, without anyone leaving the queue. Finally, the general manager of the company provided a summary and guidance for this fire drill.

3、 Summary of fire drill

The smooth implementation of this fire drill has strengthened employees' fire protection knowledge and escape skills, as well as the essentials of self rescue and mutual rescue. At the same time, it has also verified the scientific rationality and operability of the company's "Fire Evacuation Emergency Plan". Our company will also continue the fire drill.