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Warm congratulations on the perfect conclusion of Starvery 2020 Shenzhen Exhibition

We have adopted a brand new VI image for this booth, upgrading the previous ink blue to a brand new Dulan. The overall visual effect appears more dynamic and fashionable. Throughout the construction of the booth, white is adopted as the main tone, making the overall image more refreshing and high-end. Destylization of home environment is a trend. In a beautiful space, you don't need to say much. Home should make people more comfortable and allow residents to feel happy. Our curtains are no longer limited to simple Japanese, American, Chinese, or Italian styles. The interweaving of neutral colors makes everything simple and pure. In addition to beauty, we give it more exquisite details and use it to interpret the definition of home.


  Starberry fully leverages the advantages of the group by introducing fully imported wallpaper, flooring and other products from Japan, enriching its product line: antiviral curtains, PM2.5 resistant curtains, antiviral wallpaper, and so on.


My room boundary, let me interpret!

Congratulations once again on the perfect success of the Starvery 2020 Shenzhen Exhibition, a brand under Youni Beile!

Now, the national investment promotion event of Star Belle has restarted!