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Youni Beile is fully committed to resuming work and production during the War of Resistance Against the Epidemic


  With the strong support of relevant departments, Youni Beile actively takes various epidemic prevention measures, strictly inspects and disinfects according to national and local prevention and control policies. After administrative approval, the factory has fully resumed work and production on February 17th.



The company has complete protective materials, security personnel on duty day and night, temperature testing upon entry, personnel registration, strict and efficient epidemic prevention and control deployment to ensure the safety of the production environment and work environment, and the physical health of employees.

All employees in the factory wear masks to fully resume production and work, ensuring orderly production and shipment of customer orders. Some employees in epidemic areas in other cities also strictly follow quarantine regulations to work online from home, ensuring the continuous and stable progress of all work.



Strict protective measures and safe production processes ensure the safety of every employee and every item of goods. During the epidemic period, there may be delays in the logistics and delivery time of products. Please forgive us! All pre holiday orders have been shipped one after another, and we are now able to smoothly accept orders and arrange production.

The epidemic is still ongoing, we cannot take it lightly and praise all the rebels, defenders, and defenders! Pay tribute to their dedication and sacrifice! Let us watch and help each other, unite as one, and victory will ultimately belong to us!