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Starvery Starberry x Warema Wangruimen

As a leader in indoor sunshade, Starry Starry has partnered with the well-known European outdoor sunshade brand Warema Wangruimen to provide consumers with comprehensive sunshade solutions


WAREMA Sunshade Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise of German company WAREMA RENKHOFF GmbH in China, with its Asia headquarters established in Shanghai in 2006. Wangruimen Sunshade System Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the production of sunshade systems, mainly engaged in the production of indoor sunshade systems and outdoor blinds.

European style courtyard life, you can have it!

The pleasure of 'stealing half a day's leisure' is everyone's dream of real life, and your front and back yards are a more natural and pure paradise than indoor spaces. A graceful seat, a beam of slanting sun, only belongs to your elegance, calmness, and peace.

In modern home concepts, personalized and diverse living environments are key, and people's requirements for indoor lighting, natural lighting, and outdoor life are also increasing. Wangruimen brings an intelligent sunshade system into your life. While shading, it also achieves light management and comprehensively improves your quality of life. Wangruimen shading experts comprehensively consider the shading needs from morning to night, bringing you all-weather comfort.


Outdoor blinds

Wangruimen outdoor sunshade blinds and sunlight induction system adhere to German design and quality, and can provide perfect lighting environment 24 hours a day. The blades of the blinds can be adjusted to any angle, making the light in the room always comfortable and pleasant.

Enjoy sunlight while protecting privacy. Wangruimen outdoor blinds allow you to enjoy a comfortable living and working environment both at home and in the office. A unique daylight intake system ensures indoor lighting while also protecting your privacy. There is a full range of products in different styles and colors for you to choose from. Perfect fit for your architectural style and personal preferences.


Full shell sunshade K70

Do you want to enjoy more outdoor time? With the help of our innovative sunshade solution, you can create a brand new living space on your terrace, even in hot weather, where you can enjoy comfortable cooling. Here, the entire family can be "outdoors, as if indoors" during work, leisure, or play.

The full shell sunshade, with its compact rectangular structure, can seamlessly integrate into architectural designs with flat or monoclinic roof facades. There is also a WMS intelligent sensing system, which allows the sunshade to automatically retract in strong winds.

There are numerous fabrics, designs, and colors available, as well as various motor models and additional equipment options, such as LED lighting, heaters, and front curtain rolling curtains, ensuring complete design freedom.

Whether you are indoors or outdoors, Wangruimen provides you with consistent professional daylight management. We strive to create a high-quality life for you.

Excellent quality "Made in Germany"

Wangruimen is a family owned enterprise founded in 1955, with over 3800 employees in Europe and Asia. It is an international leading manufacturer in the shading industry, providing a full range of shading technology solutions and diverse control systems.