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The 11th Starry Star Belle Agency Conference was a complete success

August 8-9

The 11th Starry Star Belle Agency Conference was held at the Shanghai Flagship Exhibition Hall and Hongqiao Office.


The main theme of this conference is "Connection and Development"

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Toyoto Tomoto, General Manager of Youni Beile (Wuxi) Decoration Products Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Shanghai Youni Beile Decoration Products Co., Ltd., delivered an opening speech.

Faced with the market economy in 2019, Starberry and its agents should strengthen connections, communicate closely, effectively utilize the company's brand resources and advantages, and explore new markets through multiple channels and means.

Considering the diversification and integration trend of the soft decoration market, combined with the product advantages of the group company itself. In May of this year, the company opened its first J-Pride flagship exhibition hall on Ruijin Second Road with a new layout and image.


The exhibition hall covers four major product lines of home furnishings: curtains, flooring, wall materials, and furniture upholstery. All use imported high-end materials

This is a brand new and bold attempt. The integrated products and sales methods of home furnishings and soft furnishings inevitably have higher requirements for the operational capabilities of business entities. The company hopes to summarize successful experiences through its own attempts. Further promote and popularize to the whole country and various distributors, so that more consumers can have a better home experience.

In response, the company invited well-known designers in the industry to provide more systematic training to all participating agents.

The current market competition is no longer just about product and price competition, but about comprehensive service capabilities. As furniture and soft decoration practitioners, we should not only focus on our own product professionalism, but also be a soft decoration designer for every individual salesperson

This requires us to improve ourselves from a higher starting point and requirements.


Through this training, everyone has gained a deeper and comprehensive understanding of home soft furnishings, as well as how to plan and propose soft furnishings solutions for customers.

At the meeting, everyone actively participated in creating a soft decoration proposal sentiment board.

Through training and manual participation, we have fully stimulated everyone's design talent and opened the door to design.

The road ahead is still a long and arduous one, but as long as we persist in learning and constantly make breakthroughs.

We believe that Starvery Starberry will definitely start a new chapter!