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Starvery J-Pride Flagship Exhibition Hall Opening

On May 16, 2019, after six months of preparation, two months of interior decoration, and one week of preparation for opening

The J-Pride show room of the upgraded Starry Starry has finally opened!

On May 16th, the opening ceremony was auspicious. We invited friends and guests to come and support us, preparing for the arrival of the guests early in the morning.

Around 10 o'clock in the morning, guests arrived one after another to congratulate and sign as a souvenir. Thank you to all guests and friends for coming to congratulate you!

At 11:30, the opening ceremony officially began.

Opening Speech by Mr. Hideyoshi Tohoka, Special Agent of Uni Beile Group

General Manager of Youni Beile (Wuxi) Decoration Products Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Shanghai Youni Beile Decoration Products Co., Ltd

Mr. Odo Takashi delivers a welcome speech

Zhao Chao, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Youni Beile Decoration Products Co., Ltd., along with the employees, would like to thank you all for your visit


The History and Humanities of Store Site Selection

Ruijin Second Road runs north-south and is 1517 meters long. It was built in 1907. In 1914, it was included in the French Concession in Shanghai. It was named Route Pere Robert after the priest of Xujiahui Catholic Church and the director of the French Council. As a very important north-south road in the middle of the French Concession at that time, a lot of new alleys and apartments were built along the road, which was renamed Mount Huangshan Road in 1943. In 1946, it was renamed Zhongzheng South Second Road. In 1950, it was renamed Jiangxi Ruijin.

Among the many excellent buildings on Ruijin Second Road, No. 26 is one of them, and it is now a unique Western building. This is the former residence of Mr. Ying Yunwei, an early Chinese drama activist and film director.


Surrounding environment

To the north is the bustling Huaihai Middle Road, and to the south is Zhaojiabang Road. Both ends of Ruijin Second Road are bustling destinations. Ruijin Second Road is like a neighbor's little sister, peaceful and quiet, without any publicity. Visiting this place, I feel like my steps will slow down and I will wander through it, creating a strong atmosphere of life that brings peace to my heart. The perfect fusion of historical atmosphere and modern fashion is especially suitable for those who love living at home and have a hint of bookish spirit in their bones. They can quietly savor the flow of time and slowly appreciate the brilliance of fashion.

J-Pride Flagship Exhibition Hall, No. 26 Ruijin Second Road. Preserving the classics of history and incorporating modern fashion, we are waiting for your visit here

Using high-end imported indoor home decoration materials such as window decorations, wall decorations, flooring, and furniture from Japan as carriers, showcasing Japan's cutting-edge fashion trends in home decoration, introducing a pure Japanese aesthetic style of home decoration, designing overall home soft decoration solutions for customers, and providing strict construction technology guidance from Japan.

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Exhibition Hall Reception: 13482211326 (Ms. Wang)