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2019 Youni Beile Tourism Day - Shanghai Disneyland Tour&Suzhou Ancient Town One Day Tour

The journey that had been on my mind for a year finally began on April 19th. On the first morning, all the staff gathered at the company at 6:00 on time and set off, with four cars heading straight to Shanghai Disneyland.

Disney, here we are!

The most visible thing when getting off the car is the people (there are many). After taking a few steps, I saw a giant Donald Duck in the river.

Tickets that are always in line

【 NO.1 】: Creating Speed Wheel

Nothing to say, nothing to worry about. Brush twice and scream a few times to relieve stress. The motorcycle style roller coaster, famous for its speed, is super thrilling, and the elderly and children who are timid can give up. Try to keep your eyes open. The sense of technology is great

【 NO.2 】: Bass Lightyear Interstellar Rescue

It's a great game for big friends and children to play together. Follow Buzz to eliminate all monsters without a doubt. When the game ends and comes out, there are photos of the game on the wall. Take your own phone and take photos, and the results are also good.

【 NO.3 】: Soaring • Flying Over the Horizon

This project is not exciting, but the visual effect is very stunning. Especially if I'm lucky enough to be arranged in the middle seat, it's amazing.

【 NO.4 】: Seven Dwarf Mining Vehicles

Hahaha, this roller coaster is very interesting. It won't be too exciting without a big flip, and there is a cave in the middle where you can see the little dwarfs mining. It's very beautiful! On the second stop, there is also a scene spiral track on your right

【 NO.5 】: Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle of Sunken Treasures

This project is designed to accommodate dozens of people on a large ship and imagine yourself as a pirate in person. The visual effects are excellent, strongly recommended!!! It's my first time playing with a baby. It's really super beautiful, super cool, and there will be a small surprise at the end of the boat trip. Hahaha, look forward to it!

【 NO.6 】: Little Flying Man Sky Adventure - Dream World Theme Park

Mainly for visual enjoyment, children will prefer to sit on a transportation vehicle similar to a pirate ship, which should be 4-6 people suspended in orbit. Each ship will move up, down, left, and right with the scenery, as if it is traveling in space

Similar to the feeling of Peter Pan, the story scene is different. You will be inexplicably teased by the jumping tiger jumping and jumping. Everyone can sit in a honey tanker to accommodate 4-6 people, and enjoy the visual experience along the track. It is also a favorite project for children

【 NO.8 】: Space Adventure Stitch

I love humor, and this is quite cute. Haha, it will make everyone sit in a small room and interact with Stitch on the screen. Stitch speaks very well, and there will be a random selection of Stitch's female friends on site

【 NO.9 】: Hugging Dragon Racing

You can imagine it as a high-end version of a pirate ship, with a high degree of reproduction from Toy Story movies. Everyone sits on Woody's racing car and bounces back and forth on the U-shaped track, with speed varying from fast to slow at the highest point Pretty tall, haha

【 NO.10 】: Lei Ming Mountain Drifting

Unlike your impression of drifting, this drifting is very interesting. There are 8 people (if I remember correctly) sitting around inside, rotating and drifting along a long and interesting route. Along the way, they will pass through a cave and have a surprise. Because they really don't want to queue up anymore, they purchased a separate project, which was arranged by the tour guide;

Of course, there are also many fun small projects, such as Alice's Wonderland Maze, Woody Cowboy Carnival, Jet Backpack Aircraft, Spring Dog, Honey Jar

After the grand fireworks at Disney ended, we returned to the car as planned and headed to the bed we had been dreaming of at the moment (because we were too tired).

This is a five-star hotel that offers a very rich and delicious breakfast.

The next day, finish breakfast. Under the guidance of the tour guide, I went to the ancient town of Suzhou. Although there were many shops, the atmosphere of the ancient town was still quite strong.

I took a group photo at the Guzhen company.

A perfect and fulfilling journey always makes people feel that time passes quickly. Looking forward to a wonderful trip next year. (Some content and images borrowed from the internet)