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Announcement on Adjusting Starvery Stores


To all users:

Hello everyone!

In 2019, in order to deepen the market, strengthen the management of Starry Starry distributors, optimize the store structure of Starry Starry, and improve the service quality of Starry Starry stores, the Starry Starry brand will adjust the existing physical stores of Starry Starry Starry, and some stores will be suspended. As of the time of publication, the following is the information of all existing physical stores of our company. Subsequent store openings or adjustments will be made, Our company will use WeChat official account: starvery and official website Announce updates, please follow.


Attention to consumers:

1. The above physical stores and Tmall flagship stores: The Starvery flagship store is the authentic sales channel for our company's "Starvery Star Belle" brand curtains. All other supply channels, such as offline store purchasing, WeChat decoration group purchasing, etc., are counterfeit products. Our company does not assume any quality guarantee for them. Please refer to the official authentic purchase channels mentioned above;

2. If there is no offline physical store from our company in the city where the consumer is located, or if the original physical store has been adjusted, cancelled or suspended, please purchase through our Tmall flagship store: Starvery flagship store.

In 2019, "Starry Starry Belle" will provide consumers with a brand new experience with a more beautiful image, higher quality, and better service!