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The new Starvery website has been officially launched and a mobile version has been added

The Starvery website has undergone a new facelift and has also added a mobile version. The official launch date is November 1, 2018.



This website upgrade focuses on designing from the customer's perspective, where customers can see what they need to know.

From brand segmentation, effect display, user examples, product features, and even purchasing paths, it is also comprehensive.

In order to facilitate mobile phone users to easily visit the website, we have also added a mobile station


Starvery, as an independent brand under the UNIVERS Group, continuously researches and develops functional and fashionable curtain fabrics through continuous research on changing lifestyles and fashion trends, and sews and processes them in our factory that thoroughly implements the Japanese quality management system, providing reliable curtain products to our customers.

Starvery strives for perfection from fabric design to finished product shaping and processing, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality Japanese curtains.