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The 9th National Agency Conference of Starvery was successfully held

From August 30th to 31st, 2018, the 9th National Agency Conference of Starry was successfully held in Wuxi, the production location of Starry Belle.


This year's agent conference focuses on the following aspects:

1. Elaborated on new concepts in the current market. Reviewed, summarized and analyzed the sales situation and sales direction in the first half of the year.

2. Summarized and analyzed the popular products in the first half of the year, and promoted their advantages. Secondly, a new product was released and detailed

Detailed product features and functionality introduction. Finally, a catalog of products to be taken off the shelves in the near future was announced.



3. We provided a comprehensive explanation of Starvery's marketing promotion from multiple perspectives, including new media marketing. Highlighted the promotion and elaboration of our new development

The WeChat mini program allows customers to more conveniently understand the products they have ordered and the current progress of the products, including self-service for users

Invoicing and other functions.

4. Clarify the sales goals and direction for the second half of the year.

5. In order to adapt to market changes, Starvery has also made corresponding adjustments. Detailed explanations were provided at this meeting.

6. Conduct in-depth discussions with agents in various regions, actively listen to feedback, and develop corresponding plans.

7. Looking forward to the beautiful blueprint of Starvery.