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On May 13, 2018, the company held its first UNIVERS Festival

On May 13, 2018, Youni Beile (Wuxi) Decoration Products Co., Ltd. held its first UNIVERS Festival.

The activity starts at 9:30 am and continues until 15:30 pm.

The game covers shooting, looping, shooting machines, Angry Birds, Fishing Little Goldfish, Grassland Chess and Cards, DIY Paper Sands, Air Cushion Castle, karaoke, and many other games are equipped with rich prizes.

The food area offers Japanese fried noodles, octopus balls, squid braised, banana chocolate, French fries, fried chicken nuggets, sushi, ice cream, Chinese barbecue, popcorn, Japanese egg buns, Kanto stew, and other snacks. During the short lunch time, a variety of ingredients such as self-service cold meals, pastries, and fruits were added, and beverages were also provided in unlimited quantities.

In order to facilitate employees' participation in the event, the company has also arranged a bus for pick-up and drop off. The key is that family members can also participate in the Olympics.

The activity site is even more tense, lively, and orderly.

Looking forward to the next UNIVERS Festival coming soon!!!