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2018, Starvery Shenzhen International Home Textile Exhibition is in full swing

From March 7th to 10th, 2018, we (Starvery) arrived at the Shenzhen International Home Textile and Home Furnishing Exhibition as scheduled, at the Starvery booth (Hall 4, B05).

UNIVERS has been specializing in the production and sales of Japanese style curtains for over 40 years. The company adheres to the principle of consistent exquisite craftsmanship, persistent craftsmanship, and trendsetter fashion design. At the 2018 Shenzhen Home Textile Home Furnishing Exhibition, the company brings two major curtain brands: Starry Starry and Eola to present you with a pure Japanese home life.

High end customized curtain brand: Starry Starry Belle

Integrating Romance into Simplicity

Not making public, but keeping it to oneself

Not strong, but heartwarming

This kind of romance is just right

Born from the Heart

The Romance of Life

It's an introverted light

Life, as you can see

Finished curtain brand: Eola

Drawing on minimalist fashion design and comfortable practicality

Emphasize function and quality, pursue lifestyle taste

The diversity of colors and rich products

Convenient for customers to purchase and use

Create a creative and comfortable living space for customers and bring various proposals

Mornin 'is an intelligent curtain opener that can automatically open and wake up your lazy morning. Mornin 'is all designed and made in Japan! Attentive care and reassuring quality. You can buy the Olympics at the exhibition site. It doesn't matter if you haven't been able to attend the exhibition, as you can also buy it at the Starry Tmall flagship store.

Faced with extremely busy scenes and endless inquiries from every customer, Starvery's professional commentators are always enthusiastic in answering them one by one. Many customers expressed their intention to join on the spot, which surprised us, but it was not unexpected.

Starvery invites you once again to participate in the 2018 Shenzhen National Home Textile Exhibition. We will be together from March 7th to 10th!