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Warm congratulations: The 8th Starvery Agent Conference has been successfully completed

The 8th National Agent Conference of Starberry successfully concluded on February 27, 2018. This conference brings together 28 agents from across the country to gather in Wuxi, the production site of Starvery.

The Starberry brand has successfully settled in China for the 6th year and its brand awareness has also increased year by year. Starvery's curtains slowly entered millions of homes. The purpose of this agent conference is to share our latest products and online operation results with everyone. We also invited Mr. Pelikawa from the Japanese group company Shin Guang Le, who brought us brand new products and provided detailed functional explanations one by one. Let people marvel at the power of technology.

At the beginning of the meeting, Tuhe Special Affairs and Chairman Yuanteng provided an annual summary of the previous year's operations, as well as a detailed explanation of the new year's strategic policy and market layout.

During the meeting, Mr. Pikawa from Shin Guang Le conducted experiments to immerse the agents present in the powerful functions of the new product (functional wallpaper), which not only improved the quality of life but also perfectly solved many problems in life.

The agents also personally conducted anti fouling and anti wrinkle experiments.

At this meeting, we shared the latest product packaging with many agents, in order to better protect the products, improve product levels, and provide customers with a better product experience with care.

During the conference, award trophies to outstanding agents.

Finally, Chairman Yuanteng summarized the meeting. The group company will continue to improve product quality, develop more and more powerful new products, provide maximum support to national agency stores, and continuously improve customer satisfaction.