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Congratulations on the opening of Nanchang Jiulonghu Store (Starvery Agency Store)!

April 29th is an exciting day, and on this day, Fangfang Family's Kowloon Lake store opened grandly! This opening has invited many new and old customers, leaders from all walks of life, and media friends to witness Fangfang's new journey in the Kowloon Lake New Area.

Fangfangjia Jiulonghu Store Starvery 25th Store


Fangfang Home is the first one-stop home service experience hall in the Jiulonghu New Area, with an exhibition area of over 2000 square meters. The product range of the hall covers the main furniture used in home life, such as living rooms, study rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, and kitchens. It also sells other home products related to furniture, such as mattresses, curtains, wallpapers, carpets, and decorative items. And professional designers provide free on-site measurement, whole house matching solutions, and home customization.

Accompanied by the sound of salutes, Chairman Yuanteng of Starvery brand manufacturer, along with leaders of other major home furnishing brand manufacturers and guests from all walks of life, cut the ribbon for the grand opening of Fangfangjia's new store, announcing the official opening of Fangfangjia's Kowloon Lake store!



On the day of opening, customers came like clouds. There is an endless stream of customers who come into the store to inquire and purchase Starvery curtains.

Congratulations warmly on the successful opening of Fangfang Family Residence Hall's Kowloon Lake store (Starvery agent). Fangfang Home will strive to provide more people with better products and services, and provide high-quality home cultural life for the public.