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March 2017 Shenzhen Home Textile Home Furnishing Exhibition - Interview with Chairman of Youni Beile

The grand Shenzhen International Home Textile and Home Furnishing Exhibition of 2017 arrived on March 7th as scheduled. Chairman of Youni Beile is invited to participate with the Starvery brand.

On the first day, I was invited by the organizers of the Shenzhen Home Textile and Home Furnishing Exhibition to receive an exclusive interview.

During this period, Chairman Hideo Endo elaborated from a unique perspective on the slight differences between the current Chinese curtain consumption market and the Japanese curtain consumption market

Chairman Yuanteng pointed out that the curtain market in China has great potential. The mainstream is to customize curtains according to the needs of homeowners, but in the future, with the gradual advancement of residential standardization, the market for finished curtains will gradually rise. Functional curtains will definitely occupy a place.


As a successful Japanese wholly-owned enterprise, Yuni Beile, Chairman of Far East, unreservedly shared its unique business management and corporate culture

We often keep in mind the mission of "changing the curtains, life will also change accordingly", and through the curtains, we provide a comfortable spatial environment for everyone in China.


 Before the end of the exclusive interview, Chairman Yuanteng emphasized the unique products brought by Unibele to the Chinese curtain market, as well as the main measures taken by STARVERY as a domestic brand launched by Unibele to the market.

The Starberry brand is designed and developed specifically for Chinese customers, so we should let go of sales to Chinese people. And then, everyone who is committed to resonating with our products can start selling without too much burden. Our store opening model is not a complete franchise system because we do not charge brand usage fees.

As an initial investment, only 50000 yuan (for a 100 square meter store) for franchise fees (sample fees, store design fees, travel expenses, etc.) and independent store and decoration expenses. The agent store does not need to stock up, just sign, place an order, and receive the goods. However, there are two conditions: the Starberry store must be an independent store and cannot sell products outside of the Starberry brand. If you want to list Starberry for product sales, you must comply with unified regulations.

Finally, starting from March 2017, Starberry stores adopted IPAD for marketing and ordering. The software is all developed in Japan and has Chinese application programs. Through the import of this software, we hope to achieve standardized customer service and accurate price equality for each store.

No matter where you go to the Starbucks store across the country, our goal is to have a unified service, labeled with a unified price, and a curtain brand that customers can purchase with confidence.

I hope Starvery curtains can bring health, fashion, and warmth to customers. Customer satisfaction is only our qualified line.