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Starvery Nanjing Exhibition Successfully Ends

     Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the Nanjing Exhibition



After the Shanghai Home Textile Exhibition, Starvery has non-stop shifted to the Nanjing Consumer Goods Exhibition. After the active efforts of Starvery people, it was successfully carried out from September 9th to 11th, 2016.

This is the first time Starvery has held an exhibition at the Nanjing Convention and Exhibition Center in the new Nanjing area. On the day of the exhibition, a large number of exhibitors arrived, and in just a short moment, many consumers gathered in front of the Starvery booth. Our staff warmly introduced the Starvery brand and products to the guests in detail, and many of them expressed their familiarity with our brand. The simple and fresh curtain style was also recognized by everyone.