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2016 company fire drill

      On July 4, 2016, the company held an emergency fire evacuation drill for all employees. This drill combined the actual situation of the company, mobilized all employees, tested the emergency response ability of each emergency team to handle sudden accidents, improved employees' fire safety awareness, self rescue ability for fire escape, and mastery of fire equipment usage methods. It also verified the scientific rationality and operability of the company's "Fire Evacuation Emergency Plan".

      At 14:05 on the same day, the fire alarm was officially sounded, and all members of the fire extinguishing team, evacuation team, communication team, and logistics team were assigned their respective duties as soon as possible. All employees were quickly and orderly evacuated from the safety exits around the factory, and in just 3 minutes, they gathered at the designated location without any missing members. After the assembly, the general manager provided on-site guidance. Subsequently, the safety officer gave a detailed explanation and demonstration to all employees on how to open the safety pin, the holding position of the fire extinguisher, the essentials during spraying, and self-protection during firefighting. The employees actively participated and picked up pre prepared fire extinguishers to conduct fire extinguishing drills on the two preset simulated ignition points. As the fire was extinguished, the fire drill ended smoothly.