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2016, Lingshan - Here we come! (Company Travel)

In order to enhance the team awareness of the company's employees, reflect the humanized management of the company, allow employees to relax physically and mentally after work, enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, and experience Buddhist culture at the same time. The company specially organized a "One Day Tour of Lingshan Giant Buddha" and kindly handled the annual pass for each employee at the scenic spot.

On the early morning of May 14th, the employees arrived at the company early and took a luxury bus to Lingshan attractions - Lingshan Buddha, Kowloon Guanyu, Lingshan Vatican, Lingshan Dazhao Wall, Xiangfu Zen Temple, Nianhua Bay, etc.

The activity has ended and we have set foot on our way home on time. Being tired and happy "is a common feeling among everyone; After working hard and achieving results, going to relax and play is a pleasure and enjoyment, which is even more enjoyable and energetic in life.