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Starvey Meets Shanghai Home Textile Exhibition to Explore the Simple Beauty of Japanese Curtains


From August 26th to August 28th, Starvey curtains participated in the 2015 International Home Textiles and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Expo. This exhibition is Starvey's third participation, and unlike in previous years, it was held at the new National Convention and Exhibition Center. We also present a brand new image to the vast audience.

The design of this exhibition hall consists of three main parts: a "dynamic and lively" children's room, an "elegant and retro" living room, and a "warm and quiet" bedroom.



At this exhibition, we have launched a total of 70 new patterns, including patterns with difficult warp printing, high-density jacquard, and more. In addition, the special stitching of children's rooms has also received praise from a large audience.

From the fabric to the production process, every step of Starberry curtains makes you feel at ease!

Change your life, change the curtains, from Starberry!