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On October 23, 2014, the 15th Western China International Expo

The 15th Western China International Expo in 2014 was held from October 23rd to 26th at the Chengdu Century City Convention and Exhibition Center. Our company is located in Hall 3 (International Pavilion), mainly showcasing customized curtains, PM fabric inspection, and finished curtains.

The main purposes of this exhibition are as follows:

① Recruitment of agency stores

② PM opens cloth to check curtains for promotion

③ Promotion of customized curtains and functional fabrics


   The PM curtains on display this time have attracted the attention of many guests, as the air quality in Chengdu has been in a moderately polluted state during the exhibition period. Many customers have reported that having such curtains is a great blessing for children, the elderly, and those with allergies. So, some customers listened to our introduction on the first day, went back to measure the size, and came up the next day to make a purchase. Some customers may not be able to purchase on site due to inaccurate measurements of their home windows. Therefore, we recommend such customers to purchase through the Tmall flagship store (GAFUHOME).  



Regarding customized curtains, customers have also shown great interest. Many customers have said that they have never seen such functional fabrics and shaped curtains in the Chengdu market before. After listening to our introduction, they feel that they will definitely buy our curtains if they have the opportunity. However, as we do not have a proxy store in Chengdu, we can only temporarily purchase them online. (Tmall flagship store: Dongcheng Home Furnishings).



     Through this exhibition, we have showcased the unique features of our products, especially the PM fabric inspection curtains, which have given us great confidence in developing the market in the future. Looking forward to our PM's further development in the Chinese market!