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From August 7th to 9th, 2013, our company participated in the 16th China [Shanghai] Wallpaper Fabric Carpet and Home Soft Decoration Exhibition

The 16th China [Shanghai] Wallpaper Fabric Carpet and Home Soft Decoration Exhibition was held from August 7th to 9th at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition is dominated by wallpaper companies, so our company is even more unique at this exhibition. Compared to the last Japanese boutique exhibition, the main customers who came to watch this time were individual sales of soft furnishings and interior design studios. We have shown a strong interest in the plain colored functional curtains we have launched this time, and our flame-retardant products have been recognized by professional inspection institutions in Japan. At the same time, special shape memory processing and good shading performance are necessary conditions for customers to choose. In addition, many design studios also highly appreciate our newly launched high-end jacquard curtains, which are suitable for use in high-end properties and villas.


At the exhibition, there were also individual soft clothing sellers from all over the country who wanted to join our brand, and the specific details are still being discussed.

Through this exhibition, we have gained a lot, let more people know about our Starberry, and also brought more business opportunities