Star Belle 2019 Spring Shenzhen Home Textiles and Home Furnishing Fair is a complete success

The four-day Shenzhen International Home Textiles and Home Furnishing Exhibition successfully concluded

Starvery's new debut, brand and product upgrades across the board, are stunning. Starvery has opened a new and upgraded brand road with a new image and pattern

1292 companies, 200+ design masters, 20+ group buyers, 200,000+ buyers, 50+ industry media, 20+ industry associations, over 60% cross-border buyers, 10,000 staff, 5 billion industry commerce value

Together to create another pinnacle of Shenzhen Home Textiles and Home Furnishing Exhibition

On the first day of the exhibition opening on March 7th, at the invitation of the exhibition party to participate in the brand promotion meeting, Star Belle delivered it in a short one and a half hours.

A good interpretation of the brand and the company.

Director of Shenzhen Creative Week Organizing Committee

Director of the Organizing Committee of Shenzhen International Home Textiles and Decoration Exhibition

General Manager of Shenzhen Boao Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Mr. Xiao Jiancheng

As a special guest of Starberry, attended and delivered a speech

Mr. Xiao said roughly: In China, if an enterprise can survive for more than ten years, it can already prove its extraordinary strength.

The subsidiary Younibeile (Wuxi) Decoration Products Co., Ltd. was founded in Wuxi in 2007, and it has been more than ten years, and its parent company Younibei

Le Group has been in Japan for more than 40 years. Its own strength and position in the industry are obvious to all. As a Japanese company,

Its ingenuity in dealing with products and intensive cultivation and step-by-step business operations are also worthy of reference by many domestic enterprises.

Learning, Star Pellet’s products are based on its pure Japanese craftsmanship and exquisite industry standards. Since the establishment of the brand, it has been known for its excellent

Quality and professional services have become industry leaders. May Star Belle's brand road go wider and farther!

Thank you Mr. Xiao for his affirmation of Star Belle! We will, as always, stick to our original intention and never forget the end!

Afterwards, the whole presentation was organized by

General Manager of Unibeile (Wuxi) Decoration Products Co., Ltd.

Chairman of Shanghai Younibeile Decoration Products Co., Ltd.

Mr. Endo Takashi

Made an introduction to the company


Head of Planning and Development Department

Mr. Di Xiaoxing

I explained to you the history and changes of finished/customized curtains in the Japanese market, and introduced the finished/semi-customized curtain brand of Star Pride, Eola's product series and characteristics


Chief designer

Ms. Toide Nahoko

Made with everyone

Popular trends in Europe and Japan are shared and Starbella’s new products are introduced. In this exhibition, Starbella has incorporated Japanese aesthetic philosophy into its products. Introduce 12 styles of collocation to make the choice of curtains easier

Finally, by

Shanghai Younibeile Decoration Products Co., Ltd.

Deputy General Manager

Mr. Chao Chao

Introduced in detail for everyone, the newly upgraded brand series product line

The Shenzhen Home Textiles and Home Furnishing Fair, Star Belle's participation in the exhibition was a complete success!

We have gained a lot, learned a lot, and grew a lot

Looking forward to our performance in the coming year

Looking forward to meeting friends from all walks of life again in the coming year!

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