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Congratulations Nanchang Jiulonghu shop (starvery agent shop) opened!

Company News
2017/05/05 22:18
    In April 29, this is an exciting day, in this day Fang Fang Jiu Longhu shop is grand opening it! The opening, we invited many new and old customers, Leaders and friends of the media are come here to witness the Fang Fang in Jiulong Lake New District of the new journey.

    Fangfang Jiulonghu shop starvery the 25th stores.


    Fang Fang is the first one-stop home service experience hall in Jiulong Lake New Area. The exhibition area covers more than 2,000 square meters. The product range covers the main furniture, living room, living room, study room, dining room and kitchen. Sales and furniture related to other household products, such as mattresses, curtains, wallpaper, carpets and ornaments ornaments and so on. And a professional designer free home delivery room, the whole house with the program and home custom.

    Accompanied by the salute sound, the the STARVERY brand manufacturers chairman Endo and other major home brand manufacturers and all the guests together for the Fangfang new store grand opening ribbon cutting, declared Fangfang Jiulonghu shop officially opened!
    The day. Into the store consulting and purchase STARVERY curtains of customers flocked.
    Warmly congratulate Fang Fang home in Kowloon Lake shop (STARVERY agents) opened a successful day. Fang Fang will strive to allow more people to enjoy better products and services for the public to provide high-quality home cultural life.