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2017 spring fire drill

Company News
2017/04/21 22:10
      The company held a full fire evacuation emergency drill on April 20, 2017. The exercise was led by the General Administration of Personnel General Affairs, combined with the actual situation of the company, with the help of various departments of the company, the fire drill was carried out in accordance with the planned plan, orderly and tense.
      This exercise activities, arranged well, all staff attaches great importance to each staff on the place, perform their duties, seriously responsible to ensure that the exercise foolproof. Through the fire drill activities to further consolidate the awareness of all employees and emergency escape self-help ability. The emergency team to test the emergency response capability, and improve staff awareness of fire safety and fire escape self-help ability, but also verify the company's "fire evacuation contingency plan" scientific rationality and maneuverability, is the fire drill The implementation details are summarized as follows:
       First, the preparatory situation
        1, the company leaders on this work attaches great importance to the convening of various departments of management meetings, on the fire drill work carried out a comprehensive deployment. And divided the evacuation group, logistics support group, communication contact group and other members.
        2, the management of personnel General Affairs Division under the "fire evacuation contingency plans", the organization of relevant personnel to discuss, deployment, to ensure the smooth conduct of the exercise.
       Second, evacuation exercise process
       The exercise on April 20 16:00 officially sounded the fire alarm. In the first time, the evacuation team members to carry out emergency evacuation of the guide work, the distribution group to simulate the call "119" alarm, the logistics group to the staff of the inventory andconfirmation. All employees from the factory safety and export quickly and orderly evacuation, only 3 minutes, the specified location set is completed, no one team. At the same time, the fire emergency commander of the fire knowledge and escape skills were explained in detail, and the fire drill to do a summary.
      Third, the fire drill summary
       1, The success of the - through the smooth implementation of the fire drill, not only to strengthen the staff of the fire knowledge and escape skills, but also verify the company "fire evacuation contingency plan" scientific rationality and maneuverability. All staff pay more attention to fire drills than in previous years. Hear the fire alarm bell rang, the staff are ordered to carry out emergency evacuation, do not crowded, do not push. Employees can go to the designated security area in the first time.
       2, The existence of the lack of - all evacuation in the evacuation, some staff did not bend over the front line, the individual staff laughing discussion, can not be serious treatment of fire drills.