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UNIVERS 10th anniversary celebration! STARVERY brand birthplace

Company News
2017/04/14 22:07
UNIVERStenthanniversaryit!!!  March31,2017,fortheUNIVERSpeopleisaspecialandofgreatsignificanceoftheday.Becausethisday,weusheredintheofficialopeningofthefulltenyearsfromUNIVERS(WUXI)DECORATIVEFABRICCO.
  UNIVERS tenth anniversary it!!!
    March 31, 2017, for the UNIVERS people is a special and of great significance of the day. Because this day, we ushered in the official opening of the full ten years from UNIVERS (WUXI) DECORATIVE FABRIC CO. , LTD.
    In this special day, UNIVERS Group chairman and senior leadership from Japan made a special trip to Wuxi, with the excellent nickname Wuxi factory staff to meet all the guests in all directions. And everyone to witness UNIVERS 10 years of hardships and brilliant.
    Xishan District government leaders at all levels also come to attend the celebration, the ten years of the brilliant development and achievements of the United States expressed praise and congratulations. Xishan District Vice Mayor, deputy secretary of the Development Zone Party Committee, deputy director of the CMC Li Peidong attended the celebration and congratulated. General manager of Endo also expressed sincere thanks to the Xishan District Government, thanks to the Xishan District Government to give strong support and guidance.
    UNIVERS will create a new miracle for today's new development milestone. To provide customers with better quality curtains, the best customer experience.