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Romantic UNIVERS (starvery factory) cherry blossoms!

Company News
2017/04/05 21:57
"Romanticcherryblossoms,loveandgiftedBeiBeimusic."        "Romanticcherryblossoms,loveandgiftedBeiBeimusic."Anotheryearofspring,UNIVERScherryblossomsthaninpreviousyearstoopentheextravagant.Itiswarm,pu
      "Romantic cherry blossoms, love and gifted Bei Bei music."
      "Romantic cherry blossoms, love and gifted Bei Bei music." Another year of spring, UNIVERS cherry blossoms than in previous years to open the extravagant. It is warm, pure, noble, a symbol of love and hope. In such an atmosphere, as if our starvery curtains also invisible to add a bit romantic.
      In the blue sky morning, to see these thousands of things, holy lily, pure in the lotus, gorgeous in the sunflower, tender and beautiful in the rose cherry blossoms, people instantaneous kind of good mood.
      Breeze blowing, cherry blossom with the wind, after a while, the breeze stopped, some cherry like a drizzle drizzle slowly fall, and some fly, and some dancing, all of a sudden, the ground covered with pink Colored carpet. Cherry buds in full bloom, thousands of branches, beautiful and charming, flowers, rocking, cherry blossom how can not be called people love.
      UNIVERS cherry of the beauty, must share to more friends, I hope she can bring you more good mood.
      And again to cherry blossom season, UNIVERS invites you to cherry cherry.
      Share cherry blossoms with you.