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March 2017 Shenzhen home textiles home show -UNIVERS chairman interview

Company News
2017/03/09 21:53
2017grandShenzhenInternationalHomeTextileshomeshowonMarch7asscheduled.Chairmanofthecompanywiththestarverybrandinvitedtoparticipate.    ThefirstdaywillbeinvitedbytheShenzhenhometextilehomeexhibitionorg
       2017 grand Shenzhen International Home Textiles home show on March 7 as scheduled. Chairman of the company with the starvery brand invited to participate.
       The first day will be invited by the Shenzhen home textile home exhibition organizers, to accept an exclusive interview.
  During the period, the director of Tengo Taku, with a unique perspective, described the current Chinese curtains consumer market and Japan's curtains consumer market a little different.
       Chairman-Endo pointed out that China's curtain market potential is now very large. The mainstream is based on the needs of the owners to customize the curtains, but in the future with the standardization of residential slowly, finished curtains market will slowly up. Functional curtains will occupy a place.
      UNIVERS as a successful Japanese-owned enterprises, Endo chairman unreserved to share its unique management and corporate culture.
      UNIVERS We often "change the curtains, life will also change" this mission in the brain, through the curtains, to each of China to provide a comfortable space environment.
      At the end of the interview, the chairman of the end of the interview was introduced by UNIVERS for the special products brought by the Chinese curtain market and the brand launched by STARVERY as China's domestic market.
     STARVERY brand is designed for Chinese customers to develop, then the sales we should let go to the Chinese people to do. And then committed to let our products resonate with you, can not be too much to start selling, our shop mode is not completely joined the system, because there is no charge for the use of the brand.
      As the initial investment, only for the initial fee (sample fees, store design fees, travel expenses, etc.) 50,000 yuan (100 square meters of the size of the shop) and independent stores, renovation costs. Agents do not need to store goods, sign, orders, receipt can be. But there are two conditions, STARVERY shops must be independent stores, and can not sell things other than think STARVERY. If you want to list STARVERY for merchandise sales, you must comply with the uniform requirements.
      Finally, starting from March 2017, STARVERY stores use IPAD to market and place orders. All software developed for Japan, and finished the application. Through the introduction of this software, we hope that the shop can be achieved by the standardization of access service, the price of equal accuracy.
      Whether you go to the country where the Sida Beili shop, you can have a unified service, marking the uniform price, so that customers can rest assured that the purchase of the curtain brand is our goal.
      Hope STARVERY curtains give customers a healthy, stylish and warm. Customer satisfaction, just our pass line.