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starvery took you into the Shenzhen International Home Textiles Home Show, on March 7 - 10 days.

Company News
2017/01/22 21:12
       Direction to determine the future, the pattern of the outcome, the opportunity lies in business opportunities! As the new year home decoration industry's first authority exhibition, 2017 spring Shenzhen International Home Textiles Fabrics and home decoration exhibition on March 7 -10, held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center grand, 130,000 square meters exhibition scale brought together more than 1000 Quality enterprises, the interpretation of "innovation", "change", "tide", and more than 100,000 buyers to achieve "communion", "build", "sharing", leading to the forefront of home decoration industry information, experience the most Trend of the design results and trends, guide the future direction of home decoration industry.
      The 2017 (spring) Shenzhen International Home Textiles and home decoration exhibition scale scale, bringing many high-quality enterprises, let’s people look forward to expectations. starvery brand invited to exhibitors.
       STARVERY will be in this exhibition focused on the launch of new curtains with resistance to PM2.5 products. Strange effect to bring you a different feeling, more your health escort. For more information, please pay attention to the official website of Shenzhen Home Textiles Exhibition.
     The industry is big coffee in the spring carnival.
     The spring is very important of a year, every year on March 7-10, to the Shenzhen International Home Textiles home has become a tacit agreement within the industry. The exhibition brand gathered, domestic and foreign textile fabrics, home decoration leading enterprises, industry cutting-edge strength of all debut, full of fire to the enterprise's innovative results in March Shenzhen home furnishing home show, bring unprecedented strength and the price is more rational New products, more innovative business model and more adapted to the needs of the market design and services. Enterprises to deal with a variety of big coffee market, the release of a strong business opportunities and development-oriented, attracting no less than 120,000 people each year to visit the professional visitors to explore the trend, March Shenzhen International Home Textiles home exhibition, has become a industry upstream and downstream industry Field grand co-development plan of the spring carnival.
      Green transformation to open the quality of life.
      At the end of the 2006, a storm of environmental protection campaign to bring more pressure to survive at the same time, but also forced the industry to accelerate the pace of green upstream and downstream transformation. In the Shenzhen International Home Textiles home exhibition, a group of visionary enterprises have long been sensitive to consumer demand and policy changes, from the process, raw materials, design, finishing on the start, the production of green transformation. At the exhibition, green cloth, green shade, environmental protection wall, intelligent home and other products each other, or the application of natural environmental protection material or the integration of green design and innovative technology, help the terminal to create green quality of living space.
Fashion lead the interpretation of the new lifestyle trend
      The exhibition is not only an efficient business trading platform, but also a new lifestyle fashion leader. At the show, the representative of the latest home lifestyle of the booth space soft design, fashion furnishings magnificent; design large coffee carefully prepared soft-loaded theme interpretation of ingenuity, the perfect combination of products and design, direct response to market demand, interpretation The new season soft suit trend, guide the concept of home fashion consumption, help buyers grasp the new hot shop selling soft clothing. 
The direction of the future, the pattern of the outcome, the opportunity lies in business opportunities,
March 17, 2017, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center,
The future is waiting for you to create!