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STARVERY Nanjing exhibition was ended successfully.

Company News
2016/09/15 20:49
CongratulationstothesuccessfulconclusionofNanjing.    FollowingtheShanghaihometextileexhibition,STARVERYwillbenon-stopfoughtinNanjingconsumergoodsexhibition.Afterthestarverypeople'sactiveefforts,Septe
      Congratulations to the successful conclusion of Nanjing.
      Following the Shanghai home textile exhibition, STARVERY will be non-stop fought in Nanjing consumer goods exhibition. After the starvery people's active efforts, September 9, 2016, 11, carried out smoothly.
      This is the first time in STARVERY Nanjing New District [Nanjing Convention and Exhibition Center] held a show, the exhibition day .to a large number of exhibitors, just a moment before the STARVERY booth gathered a large number of consumers. Our staff enthusiastically to the guests in detail the STARVERY brand and products, many guests have said that we are familiar with our brand, the simple and fresh curtain style has also been recognized by everyone.