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2016 annual fire drill.

Company News
2016/07/04 20:37
公司于2016年07月04日举行了一次全员消防疏散应急演练,本次演练结合了公司实际情况,动员了全体员工,检验了各应急小组对突发事故应急的处理能力,提高了员工消防安全意识及火场逃生自救能力、消防器材使用方法的掌握程度,也验证了公司《消防疏散应急预案》的科学合理性和可操作性。    当日14:05正式拉响消防警报,第一时间,灭火组、疏散组、通讯组以及后勤组所有成员各司其职。全体员工也从工厂四处安全出口

      The company held a special fire evacuation emergency drills on July 04, 2016. This exercise combined with the actual situation of the company, mobilized all the staff, tested the emergency team's emergency handling capacity, improved staff fire Safety awareness and fire escape self-help ability, the use of fire equipment to master the degree, but also verify the company's "fire evacuation contingency plan" scientific rationality and operability.

       That Day at 14:05 officially sounded the fire alarm, in the first time, fire group, evacuation group, distribution group and all members of the logistics team perform their duties. All employees from the factory safety and export quickly and orderly evacuation, only 3 minutes, the specified location set is completed, no one left. After the collection is completed, the general manager made the on-site guidance. Then the security staff to show all the staff  how to open the security pin, fire extinguisher hand gesture, the spray when the essentials, when the fire self-protection and other points made a detailed explanation and demonstration, employees are enthusiastically participated in have picked up a pre-prepared fire extinguisher Preset two simulated fire points for firefighting exercises. As the fire was extinguished, the fire drill was over.