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2016, Lingshan - we come! (Corporate Travel)

Company News
2016/05/17 20:30
     In order to enhance the company's team awareness, reflect the company's human management, so that employees in the spare time to relax and enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature, the way the feelings of Buddhist culture. The company organized a "Lingshan Buddha Day Tour", but also considerate for each employee for the attractions of the card.
     May 14 early in the morning, the staff came to the company early, with a luxury bus to the Lingshan attractions - Lingshan Buddha, Kowloon irrigation bath, Lingshan Vatican Palace, Lingshan large wall, Xiang Fu Temple, Nianhua Bay Wait.
     End of the event, on time to set foot on the way home. "Tired and happy", is a consistent feeling; in the tense work, to made the results, and go to relax play, the kind of pleasure and enjoyment, it is fun life.