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STARVERY fourth agent meeting successfully completed!

Company News
2016/03/07 20:21
STARVERYfourthagentmeetingonFebruary28cametoanend.TheagentoftheGeneralAssemblytogetheratotalof20agentsgatheredinTiannanHaibeiWuxi.    STARVERYbrandhasbeensuccessfullystoppedinChinainthefirstfouryears,
      STARVERY fourth agent meeting on February 28 came to an end. The agent of the General Assembly together a total of 20 agents gathered in Tiannan Haibei Wuxi.
     STARVERY brand has been successfully stopped in China in the first four years, along the way there are many successful cases and the issues need to be discussed,we have been shared and discussed to solve at the General Assembly . In order to allow our agents to better understand our brand, we invite our Japanese group company, Mr. Fukuda, to teach the characteristics and functions of Japanese imported fabrics, as well as the characteristics of Japan's imported wallpaper and flooring, and finally share a lot of construction experience And sales experience, to learn more, it will be more conducive to the store sales, so that agents each time a worthwhile trip, to bring back more knowledge and fresh energy is what we have been trying to do.
     Wuxi factory in the curtain technology has been excellence, from Japan imported 160W of the four automatic machines, do their best to do the quality, has been our diligently pursued. 27 evening agents together to participate in the Wuxi factory annual New Year's meeting, we are sing and dance, each employee has participated in the New Year's Eve show. In this factory every employee as their own festivals, the outbreak of the The company's love and enthusiasm for life, so that each bit of agents are fully aware of our corporate culture, we all have expressed the enthusiasm of the workers infected, and hope to have the opportunity to participate in next year.