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2016 New Year will come to an end.

Company News
2016/03/07 19:55
February27,2016,UNIVERScompanyusheredintheseventhNewYearmeeting.     Theatmosphereislively,passionate,hiturntheaudience.Theannualmeetingofthescenepartofthewonderfulmomentscouldnothelpbutcometosharewit
      February 27, 2016, UNIVERS company ushered in the seventh New Year meeting.
      The atmosphere is lively, passionate, hi turn the audience. The annual meeting of the scene part of the wonderful moments could not help but come to share with you.
      Beautiful handsome annual meeting with the fiercely annual meeting background instantly attracted the audience of the eye.
      Company leaders to outstanding suppliers and outstanding agency awards.
      2016 New Year's meeting will come to this end!
      Next year is the company's tenth anniversary, next year's New Year will surely be an unprecedented success, of course, certainly a lot of prizes!
      Let us look forward to the tenth anniversary celebration next year!