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STARVERY third agent meeting successfully completed.

Company News
2015/09/16 19:18
ThethirdSTARVERYagencymeetinginAugust29to30inWuxiheldagrand,fromthecountry15STARVERYagentsattendedthemeeting.  Aswecanbetterunderstandourproducts,specificallyinvitedtheJapaneseheadofficeROOMONESatotea
    The third STARVERY agency meeting in August 29 to 30 in Wuxi held a grand, from the country 15 STARVERY agents attended the meeting.
    As we can better understand our products, specifically invited the Japanese head office ROOM ONE Sato teacher lectures.
    Sato teacher combined with his practice in 20 years to encounter a variety of situations, to teach you a lot of sales, measurement a lot of experience.
    In the General Assembly, we actively discuss all the problems occurred in various stores, we communicate with each other, and learn from experience. 
    At the same time, we also visited the Wuxi factory, so that we understand the birth of a curtain of the whole process. From the fabric test to the finished product packaging, every step and we explain in detail, so that we can more comprehensive to the end customers to do the best product introduction.
    Pro, we'll see you next year! Look forward to meeting you again, and hope that more new partners to join us!