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October 23, 2014 The 15th China West International Exposition.

Company News
2014/10/30 19:10

      The 15th China West International Fair in 2014 was held at the Century City Convention and Exhibition Center in Chengdu from October 23 to 26. Our company is in Hall 3 (International Pavilion), the main display products are custom curtains, PM open cloth and finished curtains.

      The main purpose of this exhibition is as follows:
      ① Recruitment of agency shop
      ② PM open cloth curtains publicity
      ③ custom curtains publicity and functional fabric publicity
     The opening of the curtain opening curtain attracted the attention of many guests, because the air quality in Chengdu during the show has been in a moderate state of pollution. Many guests reflect that with such a curtain, for the elderly and the elderly and allergy is a great gospel. So, some guests are the first day to listen our introduction, go back and measure the size of the next day immediately to buy. There are some guests because of the size of the windows can not be home, so can not be purchased at the scene, so we recommend such guests can be through the day cat flagship store (GAFUHOME) to buy.
     On the custom curtains, the guests also showed great interest, many guests said that in the Chengdu market have not seen such a functional fabric and stereotypes processing curtains, listening to our introduction, have felt the opportunity to buy Our curtains, but because we have no agent shop in Chengdu, so for the time being only available online. (GAFUHOME: East home).
     Through this exhibition, it is a good to show of the characteristics of our products, especially the opening of the curtains, to give us a great confidence in the future development of the market. Look forward to our PM open in the Chinese market to go farther!