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August 27, 2014 to 29 to participate in the Shanghai Home Textiles Exhibition.

Company News
2014/08/30 02:38


       This year coincides with the 20th anniversary of Shanghai home textile exhibition, so the scale of the show much larger than in previous years. A total of 1,400 related companies to exhibit, a total of 13 pavilions, namely (W1-W5, E1-E7, N5), covering 150,000 square meters. This time we are on the name of Shanghai Yupu Decoration Products Co., Ltd. on behalf of the show, and last year is different from this time we used a 63 square meters of special equipment venues, preparatory work by the Japanese UNIVERS, Shanghai excellent Pu, and Wuxi UNIVERS together to complete. This time we were assigned to the N5 pavilion, this pavilion gathered young vitality, there are new and popular brand, our same booth also is won everyone's praise.
      1. Design concept: Delicate gloss highlights the highest taste of the fabric, bring out a mature and elegant, comfortable and comfortable home space
         Use fabric: MU-3695 (foil) + QJ205 (ラメボイル)
       Sewing method: pleated curtain + pumping belt window mantle
     2. Design concept: try to add a classical element of the natural style of cotton and linen ~ classical style of the three-dimensional flower, from which to see the same.
         Use fabric: SV-3882 + quality embroidery
         Sewing method: pleated curtain + wave curtain
      3. The concept of finished curtains
      【UP-UNIVERS STYLE】 both finished products using the MUJI style of the carton packaging, and have a variety of colors to choose from.
    • HOME-USE
       Design concept: remove the powder makeup ~ return to nature ~ pick up the embroidery frame, quietly let yourself in this gentle air ~ soft time ~ see yourself
       Use fabric: 5023-4 + k-003 thorns
       Sewing method: pleating
    • KIDS
      Design concept: bright colors like our happy mood in general, small basin friends, we come to paint it.
      Use fabric: SV3807 + MU3313
      Sewing method: pleating
      Function Curtain: shape memory + shading + heat + anti-inflammatory + anti-ultraviolet
   • 【PMキャプチャー】
      Size:W 80CM~110CM H 250CM/180CM
               W 110CM~170CM H 250CM/180CM
               W 170CM~250CM H 250CM/180CM.
       In this exhibition, a good show of our new fabric pattern and multi-functional fabric features, so that the majority of customers understand the advantages of our STARVERY curtains. As the show, more companies are in the form of European or luxury to display curtains, and our curtains are fresh and elegant but without losing the function, so more attractive to the guests eyes. There are a lot of guests are interested in joining our STARVERY family, as a member of our franchise.