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May 14 - 17 China (Kunshan) brand products import trade fair.

Company News
2014/05/17 23:00
      The current China (Kunshan) brand products import trade fair in May 14-17 by the People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce. China International Trade Promotion Committee (China International Chamber of Commerce) Jiangsu Provincial People's Government, co-sponsored. This will be the main launch of our new products; adjustable curtains, it main features are: 1. Wide can be freely adjusted. The main function is to have a larger width to adjust the space. 2. Stitch the magnet in the ear of the curtain. Stitch the magnet, the curtain closure effect can be more obedient, so as to achieve better dark effect. This form of finished curtains for the first time in Kunshan import and export trade show launched, the audience of our new products also showed a strong interest.
      In the exhibition, we adopted a total of 468 questionnaires. We made the following analysis for the 468 questionnaires.
      1. About everyone on the finished product understanding: 70% of the audience for the finished product are not understand. 30% of people are understand. The Lord is through IKEA and other integrated furniture business.
      2. Curtains on the current market mainstream color: 22% of the people use the main color is beige-based, 13% of the people use the main color is light-colored, followed by pink, accounting for 10.6% of the total.
      3. Curtain width on the market now: 54% of the people at home curtain width is 2-3m, followed by 30% of the 3m-4m.
      4. Curtain height of the present market: 59.5% of the people use curtain height is 2.5m-3m. Followed by 23.7% of the 2.0m-2.5m.
From the above statistics, the basic height and width of the domestic windows, this data will determine the size of our finished curtains play a significant role.
      5. We are on display at the scene of the evaluation: This exhibition we show a total of seven kinds of flowers, respectively, two kinds of yarn, five kinds of thick. 78.2% of people made a high evaluation of our curtains, that our flower pattern, color, feel and heavy feeling are quite good, especially for our exquisite in the craft made a praise. But there are 21.8% of people think that we show the color of the flower pattern deeper. Flowers too old-fashioned, not suitable for young people, hoping to launch a little more lovely. Such as lace, mantle and so on.
      The pattern is as follows:So we will choose the pattern of the next time will adopt the above valuable advice. As far as possible for the introduction of a variety of age patterns, colors, curtain style. To meet the needs of our customers.
      6. Requirements for curtains: 52% of people made a request for shading • As modern people for sleep quality requirements are getting higher and higher, shade curtains have gradually become a very important means to improve the quality of sleep. 18% of the people on the style of the curtains are required. For example, there should be decorative window mantle, to have lace and so on. 17% of people said that was no requirement for curtains.
      7. For the cleaning of the curtains and whether it will take the problem of dry cleaning. 37.2% of people said they would wash a curtain a year. 36.8% said they would wash the curtain twice a year. 78% said they would take dry cleaning. 22% said they would not.
      Through this exhibition. Let us more clearly to know the majority of customers on the requirements of the curtains. This is the development of our domestic business is a great help. Also thank JTERO company for our great support of the show, next year have the opportunity we will attend.