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August 27, 2013 - 30 Division I participated in the China International Home Textiles and Accessories (Autumn and Winter) Expo.

Company News
2013/08/30 18:48
      The 2013 China International Textile Fabrics and Accessories (autumn and winter) Hiroshide is UNIVERS (Wuxi) Decoration Products Co., Ltd. jointly Japan General Corporation and domestic sales - Shanghai excellent Pu decorative supplies Co., Ltd. joint exhibitors.
      In this exhibition, the overall display of the indoor soft fitted curtains, wallpaper and other decorations. Among them, the curtain is the focus of the show, divided into home series and engineering series of two parts, its style and design by visiting customers love.
      The Division is the first time to display professional home textile exhibition, the effect greatly exceeded the expected imagination, during the exhibition by the favor of domestic and foreign customers. The reason is that the curtains of the workmanship; exquisite Japanese pleated technology; rounded neat stereotypes; versatile popular fabrics; color harmony with diverse; and so on, has been a lot of guests affirmed and praised. In addition, Japan's wallpaper and wall stickers, and other Japanese interior products are increased, so that STARVERY products more abundant, more and more have brand competitiveness.
      In this home textile exhibition, the Division launched a total of nearly 100 kinds of new flowers, and dozens of jacquard products which are domestic starting, many fabrics was selected and to achieve sales intent to purchase by the United States, Denmark, Chile, Thailand, South Korea and Taiwan and many other overseas businessmen . There are many domestic guests at the show are very interested in Japanese-style curtains, would like to become a STARVERY franchisee and dealers, after the show, part of the intention of customers immediately to the factory to study, to discuss specific cooperation matters.